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What's Next

Website relaunch!

We are so excited about the campaign website redesign and cannot wait to share that with you. Stayed tuned! In the meantime, the site is still really great at quickly and painlessly processing your donations.

Fundraising Deadline 12/31

You contributions of $25, $100, $2,500 all make a difference and help bring us closer to the campaign goal. We are less than $2,000 away from the December goal of $15,000 and just under $7,000 for the stretch goal of $20,000. If everyone on this email (that has not already donated) just gave $25 - $100 we would blow the stretch goal out of the park and go into 2020 with the financial backing needed to quickly get campaign signs up, digital ads flowing and mailers out. #StrongerTogether

Campaign donations publicly display candidate viability and go to vital expenses like campaign materials (campaign shirts, lawn signs, mail pieces, online marketing, website design/maintenance), food and refreshments for hardworking volunteers, and a few other expenses needed to successfully run this re-election campaign. We are truly a campaign powered by the people, a mighty group of students, parents, community, education and political leaders rolling up their sleeves not only to win this re-election but to also continue to improve education for all students in Oakland, Alameda across Alameda County and throughout this state. #BeTheChange

Next Month (starts in 2 day!)

January will be full of fundraiser events, candidate endorsement forums and volunteer opportunities. Please keep an eye for event announcements and calls for volunteers. Even 1 hour of your time means a great deal.

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