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Amber is grateful to have the support of some amazing leaders in the county and the state. Here are a few of those folks...


East Bay Times endorsement

Voters should re-elect Amber Childress for Area 2, which represents Alameda and part of Oakland.

Amber has been a supporter of strong-performing charter schools but is clear that she has voted for and against charters. In short, she is discerning about which she'll support.

Childress has clearly learned a lot in her first term. In the intervening years, she has done her homework and now articulately answers budget questions. In contrast her opponent said she knows noting about the county office budget.


“She is a rock star. She has integrity and intelligence. She has an amazing capacity for hard work and compassion.”

Former State Education Superintendent Delaine Eastin


Individual Endorsements

L. Karen Monroe, Alameda County Superintendent
Delaine Eastin, 
Former CA State Superintendent of Public Instruction
Malia Cohen, Chair, CA State Board of Equalization
Keith Carson, Supervisor, Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Nate Miley, Supervisor, Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Melissa Wilks, Auditor – Controller, Alameda County
Joaquin Rivera, President, Alameda County Board of Education
Aisha Knowles, Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Eileen McDonald, Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Marlon McWilson, Former Trustee, Alameda County Board of Education
Teresa Cox, Trustee, Ohlone Community College
Sean McPhetridge, Former Superintendent, Alameda Unified School District
Robert Raburn, Director, BART
Bill Schaff, Former Trustee, Alameda Unified School District
Alice Lai-Bitker, Former Supervisor, Alameda County Board of Supervisors
Larry Reid, Councilmember Oakland District 7
Lynette McElhaney, Councilmember, Oakland District 3
Loren Taylor, Councilmember, Oakland District 6
Trish Herrera Spencer, Former Mayor, Alameda 


East Bay Times  
East Bay Women's Political Alliance
Black Women Organized for Political Action

Planned Parenthood Advocates Mar Monte

Will you endorse?