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The Vision for Our Future

My vision is simple but not easy, make sure that Alameda County school districts are equipped to provide access to a quality education for every child, regardless of the neighborhood that they live in.  

We are moving in that direction, some districts, quicker than others. Fully funding public schools across California is necessary to carry out this goal. Managing budgets properly, updating facilities, making information for families easy to access and to understand, ongoing support and culturally relevant training for teachers and all school staff, and community support all help to operate great schools.

In my experience as a student, as a mother and as an elected school board member, I have found that hosting a bring you parents to school day, a pasta feed event or a talent show can creating inviting spaces for families to get involved and begin meaningful conversations with teachers that ultimately improve "going to school" for all children.

Every elementary school field trip that I attended with my son's classrooms helped to build that sense of community with other parents, students, and the teachers. I believe that my presence along with the other moms helped to make Lum Elementary (Alameda, CA) a good school overall, not just for our specific children. I still laugh sitting and listening to Mrs. Llamas share stories about her son, myself and our former classmate when we were in elementary school at E. Morris Cox (Oakland, CA). She was our school mom, in some ways, Mrs. Llamas continues her role as a pretty good "school mom" today for many of us, years later. #AllOurChildren